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Things Fall Apart  —  2010 - 2012

Things Fall Apart is a series of eight generative software works. Created using the Processing programming language, all of the works in the series visualize continuously evolving relationships within living systems. Social behaviors found within systems such as oligarchy, utilitarianism, or crowd dynamics are simulated and exploited. Each piece begins with a different set of initial conditions and unfolds to create an intricate visual history of the system, with colors, forms, and motions varying to reflect the changing relationships of its inhabitants. A work concludes once all members within its system exceed a predefined lifespan or the system itself collapses. Given the dynamic nature of the works, every iteration is unique yet stylistically similar.

Illuminating Data: Visualizing the Information that Moves Our World
The College New Jersey Art Gallery, Curated by Christopher Ault, 14 Mar - 18 Apr 2012

Illuminating Data is an exhibition that explores the emerging art of data visualization, organized in conjunction with The College New Jersey's Interactive Multimedia program. Curated by Christopher Ault. Featuring the work of Casey Alt, Christopher Baker, Nadeem Haidary, Riley Harmon, Andreas Koller, Andrew Kuo, Paul May, Nathalie Miebach, Tristan Perich, Stefanie Posavec, Philipp Steinweber, R. Justin Stewart, Jer Thorp, and Marius Watz. View gallery of artists' works.

Collaborations: Humanities, Arts & Technology (CHAT) Festival 2010
Teleimmersion Room, Renaissance Computing Institute, University of North Carolina, Curated by Joyce Rudinsky, 16-20 Feb 2010

CHAT 2010 drew together the diverse digital resources of the North Carolina Triangle area in a series of performances, discussions, exhibitions and workshops. View festival page »